Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Zoomies Reviews - As Seen On TV "Zoom Sunglasses"

Does it Really Get Closer to the Action

Tickets to our most favorite sporting events, concerts and shows can get pretty expensive especially if you want to sit close to the stage or where the action is. It is for this reason why people settle to sit on the bleachers or cheaper seating tickets. They just bring their heavy and bulky binoculars hoping to get a better view.

If you can relate to this situation, there’s good news for you. You can ditch your heavy binoculars at home and bring Zoomies instead. It’s a perfect alternative to your old binoculars and you’ll know why in a bit.

A Zoomed in Look at Zoomies - How Does it Stack Up?

Zoomies are compact binoculars but it provides high-power magnification, 300 percent to be exact. Zoomies binoculars are very lightweight and portable; it won’t actually feel like binoculars at all. Viewing events and shows from afar will no longer be a challenge and you don’t have to carry around those heavy binoculars which is a hassle.

Why Try Zoomies?

Binoculars are HUGE, Zoomies attempts to solve that issue of having heavy binoculars always hanging around your shoulder, what an inconvenience! Zoomies binoculars or what some refers to as "Zoom sunglasses" (due to its lightweight and portability) has the same benefits as your old binoculars but offers more.

The high-power and hands free magnification makes you feel like you’re watching from the big screen. And that’s not all, the Zoomies magnification sunglasses as seen on TV can help you with everyday activities like sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching, reading and many more.

Moreover, Zoom binoculars on TV features a sunshade to help eliminate glare if you’re watching outdoor events like soccer games or going bird watching. The sun filter is adjustable. You can use the brownish colored lenses or the colorless lenses depending on which one is more appropriate for your viewing setting. All these features to give you a more convenient and comfortable experience.

Other Important Details - "Zoom Sunglasses"

Zoomie sunglasses has a cost-effective design which is why it comes at an affordable price of $10.00. And if you choose to buy one now, you can get two pairs for that price. That also comes with a lanyard and protective case for each set. How affordable is that compared to $200 plus worth of regular binoculars in the market today?

Zoomies binoculars are user-friendly as well. You don’t need to hold them in place, just wear them like how you would your sunglasses. It’s totally hands-free and you only need to adjust the knobs to ensure a secure fit.

Zoomies takes you to the action close-up. And what’s probably the most enjoyable thing of all is that you can use your hands to cheer on, hold your posters, eat a delicious corn dog or drink beer while watching—something you won’t be able to do with regular binoculars. Are you going to let this chance pass you by?

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